The Next Challenge: Fabrics

Sounds a bit silly but it will be a fun challenge, not only are we looking for fabrics but use some macro skills and show the texture of some fabrics as well…:-)


About Ed

I'm a truck driving photographer from Tennessee and now a seasoned blogger and enjoy every minute of it. I also host a photography challenge blog called Sunday Stills here on wordpress..
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20 Responses to The Next Challenge: Fabrics

  1. Cool idea. May help with ideas for Foto Fridays, as long as I can find an equine angle.

  2. Mine will be up tomorrow morning.

  3. mostraum says:

    Fun challenge.
    I’ll be up at midnight CET.:

  4. Firasz says:

    Hi !
    I’m up with an Indian fabric : )
    Have a look and say @

    Cheers SS !

  5. This was a fun challenge – can’t wait to see what everybody does with it.

  6. Ed says:

    I’m up and running..:-)

  7. s says:

    My post is up- enjoyed this challenge.

  8. gtyyup says:

    Fun challenge Ed!

    NOTE: Use the below link to Blogger for my Sunday Stills…since I have a blog on WP it insists that I leave a comment as a WP user…which is not where my SS post is…too complicated! LOL!

  9. Henry G L says:

    May be the chill playing hard on my laziness, am up with a Golden Shine :)

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